What can you see or do around Saumur?

The first thing guests ask is what is there to see and do in the area around Moulin2Roues - there's lots and so we have some information for you to either think about before you get here or we will tell you about when you do!

We have yet to visit all of these places and so you might want to check them out on the web before finalising your plans.

Distances and times are by car so if you are pedalling you should make allowances!


Things to do near the Mill

Rent Bikes

Cycling in the Thouet Valley

Our guesthouse is on 2 popular cycle routes (at the end of our drive!):
La Vélo Francette

Le Thouet à Vélo

and is just a few minutes ride from La Loire à Vélo in Saumur.

Bike Hire

Our sister business SaumurBikeHire operates from here and we are therefore able to offer a variety of bikes for hire - mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, touring bikes, road bikes, electric bikes and tandems together with bikes for young people, trailers and tag-alongs.

Kayak & Canoes

The best way to see the river

It is possible to rent canoes at a few places on the Thouet - you can start and/or finish at Moulin2Roues.

We have kayaked (is there such a word?) both upstream and downstream from here.  The most significant thing you notice is the tranquillity - just the sound of your paddle entering the water.

Let us know what you want to do and we will help you sort your trip on the river.

Fish & Chirps



Not just for the birds, trying to catch fish is also the number one sport for the people of France!

Some say here on the Thouet you could find bream, roach, trout, carp, pike, catfish and zander. All we know is they might not want to be found!  Here a list of what lurks within these waters!


Take some time to appreciate the variety of bird life here!  Herons, egrets, cormorants, wood peckers, king fishers, swans!, wagtails, wrens, robins, buzzards.. the list goes on!  We challenge you to find something new to add!


Activities and Attractions in the Saumur area

Food & Drink

Restaurants & bars & quick!

2-15km (2-20min)


We have a separate page for this as the list is a big one!

Whilst we could tell you of the great eating experiences we or our visitors have had (and the bad ones), it's probably best for you to decide for yourselves - tripadvisor lists most of these so you might want to check your eatery of choice before committing!

Our advice - call before you set off as opening hours are not necessarily what's published!


Château de Brézé

9km (9min)

2 Rue du Château
49260 Brézé
Tel: +33 (0)2 41 51 60 15

Whilst another Château this one is a bit different - its unique in that it has underground tunnels cut into the sides of the now dry moat!

The story goes that the moat was to have been filled with water but the engineers hadn't quite understood that the moat was higher up than the river that was going to supply the water - now it's just a huge empty ditch instead!


Château de Montreuil-Bellay

10km (10)min

Place des Ormeaux
49260 Montreuil-Bellay
Tel: +33  (0)2 41 52 33 06

A few minutes south of the mill is the really picturesque château of Montreuil-Bellay. You can see many of the rooms most of which are very elegantly decorated and being at the top of a hill the views of the surrounding area from here are spectacular.

Do check but tours can usually be provided in English and there is usually a wine tasting at the end to help conclude a great visit!


Fontevraud Royal Abbey

14km (16min)

49590 Fontevraud-l'Abbaye
Tel: + 33 (0)2 41 51 73 52

Many of our guests return with a "much better than expected" report!

The Abbey is the biggest in Europe and its architecture is breathtaking! It is also surrounded by some beautiful gardens/parkland.

Possibly the most significant aspect of this place for the English is that this is the final resting place of Richard the Lionheart. For the French perhaps because it is where his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, was laid to rest.


Château de Saumur

13km (15min)

49400 Saumur
Tel: + 33 (0)2 41 40 24 40

Have been asked "where is it" !

 The Château de Saumur dominates the skyline of the town and is visible from a long way away.  It has to be the most photographed building in the Maine et Loire!

The original building was constructed over 1000 years ago and there have been several rebuilds and changes of use under the stewardship of different owners.



19km (20min)

103 rue de Cholet
49700, Doué la Fontaine
Tel: +33(0)2 41 59 18 58

The Zoo de Doué is the home to over a thousand animals and is very popular during the summer months. The zoo is rated the second best in France.

The landscaping at Bioparc is very attractive - beautiful plants with the animal enclosures created out of the former stone quarry - it looks natural!

There is also a great restaurant where you feel like you are on safari!