Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2023-12-11T18:30:11+01:00

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some answers to the most common questions we get asked.  If you want to know something we haven’t addressed here please do get in touch via the Contact Us page.

Where’s A Good Place To Eat?2023-12-06T10:01:07+01:00

The number 2 question!  This one can be tricky as expectations and taste are very personal.  So what we have done is put together a list of the places either we have been to, our guests have been to, or are simply close.

Check Out – Whats the latest we can leave the room?2023-12-06T10:00:09+01:00

Regular check out is by 10:30.

If you would still like access to the room after then, lets us know what time and we will to our best to make it happen.

Is The River Safe?2023-12-06T10:18:27+01:00

Depending on the time of year and weather events, we can have the river in full flood, a trickle of a stream or something in between. We and guests have bathed in the pool part of the river and paddled upstream. 1000’s of people use canoes and kayaks here:

Most users conclude the river is very safe.  However we would strongly suggest children, or unstable adults of any kind should be supervised at all times – especially the non-swimmers!

Can we expect to see a lot of birdlife?2023-12-06T10:00:39+01:00

Absolutely!  At the last count we have seen or heard 56 different types of bird.  The Grey Heron, Egrets, Blue Tits and Kingfishers are particularly active here.  We have some rarer one too.  Check out our growing list of Birds We’ve Seen or Heard Here!

What Is There To Do Around Here?2023-12-06T10:01:14+01:00

The number 1 question!  There is too much to see in the area to answer here so we’ve put some more information together on the page below.

Check In – Can we come a bit earlier?2023-12-06T10:00:22+01:00

Your room will be available from 16:30.

If you wish to arrive earlier and go for a walk or have a drink on the terrace that will be fine – we just ask that you let us know what time you expect to arrive.

If you would like access to the room before 16:30 lets us know what time and we will to our best to make it happen.

Do the wheels turn2023-12-06T10:00:34+01:00

The refurbishment of the wheels and mechanism is ongoing.  The wheels have been repaired and now do turn.  There are videos on youtube for you to check out.

We continue to work on the mechanisms, the fitting of new wooden teeth, wooden shims and refurbishment of some hefty bearings!

Opening times2023-12-06T16:13:13+01:00

07:30 – 10:30

16:30 – 23:00

Please note that the accommodation is generally closed between 11:00 and 16:30 for cleaning, shopping etc.  Should you wish to use the facilities during these times we are happy to oblige by prior arrangement.

Generally the front door is locked at 23:00 unless an alternative has been agreed in advance.


The mill was built about 300 years ago as a factory – the staircases were not designed for use by those that might be mobility challenged.  Nearly all of our guests have no problem at all getting up or down the stairs but if you are likely to find a staircase a bit of a challenge then perhaps you should book accommodation on the ground floor elsewhere.

Where can we rent bikes?2023-12-06T10:00:49+01:00

This is an easy one to answer!

Is Breakfast available?2023-12-06T10:00:02+01:00

Yes, you choose what you want to have, when you want to have it and where (in your room or on the terrace) and we make it happen!

Ordering your breakfast in advance (before you arrive) helps us and allows you to order some items that aren’t available if you choose once you are here.

Eating In – what are the options?2023-12-06T10:00:27+01:00

We provide a selection of frozen ready meals that can simply be heated up in the microwave provided in your room.

Offered subject to availability.  Varieties will vary but will usually include at least one vegetarian option

Guests are welcome to prepare their own meals but please ensure you have understood what facilities are provided for doing so – microwave, kettle, crockery & cutlery.  A fridge is provided in each bedroom too.

We also offer a selection of cold drinks – Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, 7-Up, Orangina or Fanta, Iced Tea, Perrier or Pellegrino and bottle water.

Also from the Ice Cream freezer – Magnums, various Extreme Cones, Sorbet Lollies etc

Can We Squeeze An Extra Person Into Our Room?2023-12-09T21:42:01+01:00

The published capacities of each room are the maximums.  In the event that the additional person is to be accommodated in a travel cot there is usually enough room but you need to advise us in advance.

What’s The Situation With Smoking?2023-12-06T10:01:24+01:00

In common with most commercial establishments, this is a non smoking property – that includes dangling out of the windows and is not limited to tobacco!!

We are happy for smokers to do so outside but please be respectful of others and keep away from doors windows and outdoor seating areas.

The best answer is really to combine your need with a little walk outside, down the river bank or perhaps take a short stroll to the neolithic bridge!

Can We Bring Pets?2023-12-06T10:05:09+01:00

We love animals and have cats and dogs of our own (they do not have access to the accommodation areas of the building!) We also have free-ranging chickens and have lost one in the past to an out of control dog. For these reasons it is difficult for us to accept guests’ pets as it could become manic! However in exceptional circumstances it may be possible but they would have to remain in your vehicle, be walked off-site and remain on a lead at all times. Please get in touch before arrival to discuss.

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