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Moulin2Roues > Montgolfière Sensation = 8/15km

Launch sites vary

An Alternative View Of The Beautiful Loire Valley

Fly above the Valley of the Kings – with stunning views of the town of Saumur, the amazing Loire river and the surrounding villages, vineyards and forests. Whilst individual trips are naturally variable, expect to see much of: Saumur, Montreuil-Bellay, Brézé, Chinon, Boumois, Rou Marson, Brissac Quinçé, Gennes, Abbey of Fontevraud ….

Montgolfière Sensation is the leading hot air ballooning company in the West France. Their experience, professionalism and passion enables your dreams! For more information on flights etc or to make a booking check out their website. This activity does need to be booked in advance and is weather dependant!


Launches are usually at or around sunrise.  In the summer flights are available early evening.

Photos © Montgolfière Sensation

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