Where can we do some wine tasting round here?

A very common question!  So we've put together a list of the closest vineyards.

As the opening hours vary (and even vary from whats published!) we suggest you make sure they are open before you set off!  Or book a wine tasting via our website.

The featured list are the ones closest to Moulin2Roues.  The map shows all the Vineyards within 15/20 minutes drive.


Local Domaines

You can cycle to these from Moulin2Roues!

Château de la Durandière

Montreuil Bellay

Car: 9 min

Bike: 26 min

Domaine Saint Just

Mollay, St Just sur Dive

Car: 4 min

Bike: 9 min

Domaine Bruno Dubois

St Cyr en Bourg

Car: 4 min

Bike: 14 min

Robert et Marcel

St Cyr en Bourg

Car: 6 min

Bike: 14 min

Domaine Fouet

St Cyr en Bourg

Car: 6 min

Bike: 16 min

Book a Wine Tasting?

Let us arrange this for you!

You dont have to be staying here to use this service - we will call our neighbours and sort this out for you.

Map of Vineyards within 20 minutes drive from Moulin2Roues