Our Approach

We seek to provide something different.  There are plenty of great châteaux and big houses to stay in, but we provide a place to stay that is not run of the mill!

As we renovate our Water Mill, we are mindful that the building was constructed as a factory and we try therefore to retain or complement the functional approach to the property's past.  Except where things need to be modern such as showers etc!

We also look for more environmentally sympathetic solutions too where ever we can.  We have installed a wood burner to provide heating and hot water from waste wood that drifts down the river rather than burn oil.

Meet the Team



Services Manager

Geo is a whirlwind when it comes to keeping the place right for all our guests



General Manager

Grant makes sure all the bits come together for a perfect stay



Property Manager

Screwdriver, spanner, chainsaw - all in Blake's back pocket to make sure everything runs smoothly